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Free Antivirus Security software everyone Must have!

Need free computer security software? Looking through the shelves of PC World and other computer stores, I see over-priced security programs filling the racks, and I think to myself, ‘I could get programs better than these for free.’
So now, to prevent you from getting absolutely ripped off, and blowing all your money on programs which are terrible, Computer Virus Hong Kong have gathered together a list of security programs which can effectively protect your computer as much as (or better than) the likes of paid programs like McAfee or Norton.
Before you install these programs though, Kindly check the you meet minimum requirements to support these programs before you try, so remember to check that.
Virus Remove Hong Kong suggest you to check when installing security programs, make sure your old security programs, or any programs for that matter do not collide or interfere with the newly installed program otherwise it will not be as effective, or it might not even work.
So here are, in no particular order, the collection of must-have security programs that every computer owner should have installed.

Computer Security Software for Windows

1. Comodo Firewall
Outstanding protection, despite it not being a paid program. I’d say this easily beats the likes of McAfee protection wise, but unfortunately, ease wise, it is slightly difficult for the home user to pick up easily. However, if you are fairly advanced, or understand a relatively high amount about computers, I’d say this would be the best choice for you.
2. AVG Anti-Spyware
AVG Anti-Spyware
Currently THE best anti-spyware program available on the market at the moment, so those of us who can pay for products and those of us that cannot should have this program regardless. Maximum protection, minimum fuss, this program is unrivalled. Except maybe by a few paid products, but even still, this is the best.
3. Threatfire
ThreatFire is a free program that further boosts the protection of anti-virus’. It provides real time protection, which alone is amazing, but it does it discreetly which not only amazes me, but baffles me as how they do it. Reports have been seen of a 60% improvement in Anti-Virus protection. And, as a cherry on top of the cake, it helps out by preventing zero-day attacks.
4. Avast Anti-Virus
Arguably the most important security program if these all – an Anti-Virus. Avast Anti-Virus is a free, award-winning anti-virus program that is easily up in the leagues of Norton and NOD32. Versatile, easy-to-use and great for both beginner’s and the more advanced computer users amongst us, this is a program that virtually any computer owner should have installed on their computer.
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And well, that about concludes all the absolute necessities for your computer’s security and safety. If these are not sufficient to satisfy your security needs, or you feel the urge to further up the security on your computer, Antivirus Company Hong Kong would advise you to buy a wireless router, as this helps filter hackers out.
Another little tip we would say to help with security worries is to constantly change your IP. By not having an IP, it makes it harder for those lurking, annoying script kiddies to launch an attack on you for no purpose or reason.